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The Ordinary Skincare Beauty Asos Summer Style

Good Morning! I’m taking a quick break from unpacking to get back into my regular posting schedule. Vacation was so awesome, but there’s just something about the comforts of home — especially once the annoying unpacking is done!

As I was putting away some toiletries this morning I realized that I haven’t given you guys a summer beauty update yet this season. I try to switch up my routine 3-4 times a year to account for changes in weather and lifestyle. Coincidentally, most skincare products only last me 3 months at most, so the timing of this beauty switcheroo is also ideal for replacing or replenishing empties! This season, I finally had an opportunity to try out a newer brand called THE ORDINARY.

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Summer Skin: Jurlique


I know that only a few days ago I was touting the feeling of fall just around the corner (you can check it out, HERE!), but in reality this is what will actually happen:

1)  You’ll start planning out all of your cute fall outfits.

2) August and September will be total scorchers.

3) We’ll all sweat our butts off while pumpkin spice everything takes over our social media feeds.

“So where does summer skin fit into all of this?!” you might be asking…

Well, skin care is obviously important year round but especially so, during the summer when your skin is exposed more frequently to the outdoor elements and slathered in sunscreen (or at least should be), sweat, makeup and the occasional, grime. With at least another 8 weeks of summer in the books, it’s not too late to make your skin care a priority.


A few weeks ago, JURLIQUE surprised me with a package of some of their summer skin care essentials and as they say, timing is everything. I was finishing up some of my beauty/skincare staples and I was ready to mix it up a little. Although JURLIQUE provided me with these products to try, I’ve actually used Jurlique’s skin care line in the past and was truly excited to try out the Aussie brand again.

Have you guys used JURLIQUE before? I was initially attracted to the brand based on their long history (since 1985!) of using the healing properties of nature to create their skin care products. Their goal is to create the “purest most effective skin care on Earth” and clearly, I’m all over that.

Since I never promote any products or services that I wouldn’t use myself, I put JURLIQUE to the test and used the lotions and potions for a total of 3-weeks to get the full experience and results.

In the morning, I would apply the HERBAL RECOVERY ADVANCED SERUM to a clean face and let it sink in for a few minutes while brushing my teeth.The serum has a gel like texture and feels a little cool to the touch. Only a tiny pea size amount is really needed, so I can see a full size bottle going a long way! I’m not sure there was any anti-aging action going on, but I really liked the way the product made my skin feel – a little tighter and definitely refreshed. The product also had a light floral/herbaceous smell, which I personally like. I would say the only drawback, is the slight tacky nature of the serum, which personally didn’t bother me, but I thought I should throw it out there.

Next, I would give my face a spritz (or 3!) of the ROSEWATER BALANCING MIST and use my hands to press the cool spray into the skin. Now, THIS stuff is fantastic! The rose scent was so delicate and lovely and the fine mist again felt cool against my skin and left me feeling really awake. My combination skin just felt really hydrated without looking like an oil slick.

When motivated, I would gently dab a little of the HERBAL RECOVERY EYE CREAM onto the skin around the eyes. Again, it felt nice and smelled almost identical to the serum, although I’m not sure how much anti-aging it managed to accomplish on my mid-30’s fine lines.

I rounded out the morning routine with a bit of my regular day cream/moisturizer with SPF.

Typing this out, I know it seems like a whole process — it’s definitely not. I’m all for multitasking and quick and easy beauty routines and all in, this took me 3 minutes. Right up my alley.

Purely Age-Defying Firming Treatment Mask

In the evening before bed, I would cleanse my face, then repeat the morning process. Once a week, I took the plunge and applied the PURELY AGE DEFYING FIRMING TREATMENT MASK (it’s currently out of stock on the Jurlique website, but you can find it HERE).

Here’s the deal: if you live alone, you’re all good. However, if you have a significant other, spouse or small children, you may want to wait until you have a few minutes (10-15 is recommended) of “alone time” because you will flat out look like Hannibal Lecter (a.k.a scary) with this mask on your face. I may have permanently scarred my husband. I’m a skin mask novice, although these bad boys seem to be all the beauty rage these days. After smoothing out the pre-treated mask onto the skin of my face and neck, I understood why.

1) It absolutely feels weird, yet divine. There was a little bit of tingling as the treatment settled into my skin, but overall, it was a really pleasant, soothing feeling.

2) When I removed the mask, my skin felt tight, hydrated and absolutely glowing. It reminded me of how my skin looks and feels after a good facial.

3) The next morning, my undereye bags were slightly less puffy and I had a bit more au naturale radiance.

The final word on the PURELY AGE DEFYING TREATMENT MASK is that I would 100% use this again as a weekly treat. Each mask is packaged individually so they’d be easy to travel with as well.

Whew… that was a lot of skin care talk!

Just one more thing before I bid adieu — For the next 48 hours, JURLIQUE is offering THD readers 30% off their best-selling moisturizers with the code MOISTURISE (that’s the fancy Australian way of spelling M-O-I-S-T-U-R-I-Z-E!). Pretty sweet deal, huh?



Disclaimer: While Jurlique was generous enough to provide me with the products described, all opinions and experiences are solely my own. Many thanks to Jurlique for supporting The Heart’s Delight!