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Let’s Get Personal: Sleepwear

Yesterday evening, at a standing monthly get together with a group of diverse and lovely ladies, we got a little errr’…. personal.

After a few cocktails, the topic turned to bedtime routines and more specifically, sleepwear. As in — do you wear any?! As we went around the table, it was surprising (and hysterical) to hear what women actually slept in. More importantly, it was interesting to hear their WHYS.

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Sleep In.

Sleep In Header Best Sleep Sleep Sets Pajamas J.Crew Eberjey Journelle Target Equipment

Along with ice cream and vodka, sleep is probably my #3 survival requirement.  Not just any old sleep, GOOD sleep.  The kind where you don’t remember falling asleep and the first (and only) time you open your eyes is when the alarm goes off.  Sadly enough, that “good” sleep has become a true luxury and rarity. While I was putting my laundry away over the weekend, I noticed that along with the deterioration of my sleep patterns, my PJ situation has been in serious decline as well.  We’re talking t-shirts that have been in active rotation since 1998, boxers that have little to no elastic left at the waist, and pajama pants with dancing Mr. Peanut on them.  A pretty sad, stretched out and faded bunch. (#noshame)

Sleepwear can be a tricky apparel category- especially when you’re married with two kids busting into your bedroom early morning.  I want to feel put together and attractive, yet avoid Victoria Secret pin-up territory. It’s a fine line.  The best solution I could come up with was a combination of sleepwear separates that can show a little skin, yet allow comfort and modesty to prevail.

Sleep In.

 1 / 2 / 3 (comes in assorted fun prints & under $25!) / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 (a huge SPLURGE, but so luxurious!)/ 8

A little naughty, but mostly very nice.  Excuse me, but I’ve got some virtual shopping carts to load up! I’m definitely ready to throw Mr. Peanut his official retirement party.

What do YOU wear to sleep?