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The New Romantics

The New Romantics Street Style Spring Trend Header

If you’d ask me to come up with a phrase to best describe this spring/summer’s most prevalent trend, I’d probably say: The New Romantics.

Yes, that IS in fact a TAYLOR SWIFT SONG… BUT it’s just so appropriate, I can’t help myself. Sorry, Tay-Tay.

The New Romantics fashion is a blend of feminine, flowy, ruffled and occasionally floral style with edgy, modern cuts and unique silhouettes. It’s as if our girl Taylor and Lady Gaga merged their fashion aesthetics and had a love child.

If you’re curious as to whether this trend is for you, here are the 4 pieces you need to achieve this New Romantics look:

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Graduation Day Style

graduation day style header

Can you believe that the school year is coming to an end already!?

Thank goodness because with all of the end-of-year activities, it’s been challenging to keep it all straight! I think by the time June rolls around, most parents need that summer break more than their kids. They probably need a shot of vodka, too — at least I do. As for all of you hardworking teachers out there, you might need the full bottle.

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Gotta Wear Shades


Good Thursday morning.

It is Thursday, right?

I’m having one of those weeks where my days blend into each other and I have no clue what day it actually is. I’m deep into spring/summer personal and event styling season and that combined with end of school year activities, rehearsals, recitals, etc. makes for some pretty interesting panicked moments as I prep my daily calendar each evening before bed.

Speaking of bed, the sleep situation has been kind of sh*tty, too. Don’t you hate when you wake up at 2-3 am and start to think about all of the things you have going on the next day?

All I can say is the under eye dark circle/bag situation is REAL. That’s why I gotta wear shades.

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Soccer Mom Chic

soccer mom chic

Spring has many truly lovely and wonderful things to appreciate about it.

One thing that is not quite so wonderful is the return of outdoor spring sports — especially during these last cold, wet, muddy and rainy few weeks.

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Crisp White Shirt

crisp white shirt header

Anyone else suffering from a weekend hangover?

Not the typical alcohol-induced hangover type (although I won’t judge if you do!), but more the OMG-I-can’t-focus-or-do-anything-productive hangover. Both are equally terrible. A steady diet of buttered bagels, diet orange Sunkist soda and Aleve may fix the former. As for the latter, I’ve got a way better (and less caloric) solution — a crisp white shirt.

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Why, hello there! Remember me?

It’s been quite a while since we last caught up — 10 days, to be exact — and I’m not gonna lie, the social media blackout was a fantastic change of pace. It was so nice to unplug, unwind and rarely (if at all) check my phone during the day. I got to enjoy a week with my family, read 4 books, soak up some sunshine and recharge. I tried to disconnect from everything work related and give my mind and body a break.

… but now I’m back and best of all, I’m excited to be back.

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Gingham Dress


I’ll be honest — I never considered gingham 100% my thing.

Too preppy. Too young. Too much.

Then I came across this blown-out, large-scale, gingham dress online — at TJ MAXX of all places! I immediately loved the oversized graphic pattern, the unusual neckline, the drop waist and yes, the monochromatic color way. I figured for under $30 and free shipping, I had nothing to lose.

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On My Radar: Everlane

everlane header

These last few weeks I’ve been working with many of my personal styling clients to put together customized Spring/Summer ’17 shopping lists.

(What can I say!? I have a fun job.)

If you’ve ever worked with me, you’ll generally find me recommending a style ratio of: 80% classic staples and 20% seasonal trends. While the trendy, bright spring summer pieces are super fun and can be relatively inexpensive, they’re fleeting and will be in a donation or consignment bag in a season or two. It’s those classic staples that stick around for the long haul.

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corset trend cinched waist street style easy spring outfits

Runway high-fashion aside, street style fashion is probably one of the best indicators of the big trends that lay ahead for the upcoming seasons.

All it takes is a quick peek at the countless images online posted by professional street-style photographers and you’ll quickly put together a road map for all of the trends that will be making their way down the retail supply chains. As I’ve been live-streaming some of the NYFW coverage, I couldn’t help but notice one style in particular cropping up on everyone from OLIVIA PALERMO, to TAYLOR TOMASI HILL — layered corsets!

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How To Build A Killer Outfit (When You’re Running Late!)

how to build a killer outfit when you're running late

One thing that unifies us all as women is our ability to go from “ahead of schedule” to “running late” in a blink of an eye — just ask my (very patient) husband!

Whether you got held up at the office, got distracted by the kids, or just savored those last few minutes of morning sleep a little TOO much (that daylight-savings time change is a killer!), we’ve all had moments of panic when we’ve stood and stared at our closet hoping that the Fairy Style Godmother would come to our rescue and drop the perfect outfit in our lap. Unless you’re a modern day Cinderella, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

To help you get you back on track and on schedule, I’ve created a guide of foolproof tips to make getting dressed the speediest and least stressful part of your day.

how to build a killer outfit when running late inspiration board

•  Keep An Inspiration Board

Have you joined PINTEREST yet? Well, what are you waiting for?!

I find that Pinterest is the easiest way to keep your look inspired and your fashion on point. Whenever you see a look that catches your eye, just go ahead and pin away for future reference! Next time you think, “I have no idea what to wear!” make sure to check out your Pinterest page.  I guarantee it will become one of your most utilized resources when it comes to coming up with fresh and flattering ensembles.


•  Keep Things Organized

If your closet is a mess, finding a cohesive outfit becomes all the more time consuming and challenging. An overstuffed, unorganized and disheveled closet will lead to wasted time and energy searching for the right pieces — and definitely some ironing. (#aintnobodygottimeforthat) It’s important to be able to actually see what you own so that you can maximize your wardrobe’s potential and visually create cohesive looks. Not to mention, keeping your closet organized is  a great way to save money and prevent overbuying and overspending on items you may already own.

Some of the tools I use to keep my closet in good form are surprisingly inexpensive and can be easily installed in most spaces, no matter how big or small — see for yourself:



•  Know What Works

Helping people uncover their STYLE IDENTITY is a big part of what I do as a stylist. Once you have that style identity on lock down, you’ll be able to focus in on your standout outfits and silhouettes that make you look and feel amazing.


•  Start From The Bottom

Just like Drake says, we started from the bottom. In this case, the bottom refers to your shoes! Make a quick mental note of your daily schedule and determine which lucky pair of shoes will make the cut based on activities, dress code, weather, etc. Your shoes will become the basic foundation used to inspire and create the rest of your outfit.

Here are 5 of my go-to shoe basics that every woman should have in their rotation:


•  Take Selfies

Take a cue from the Kardashians (ughh… it pained me to say/type that!) and document your looks on your camera phone. Keep a digital file of successful outfits on hand so that you can reference back to it when you are in a fashion slump or need a quick dose of inspiration. Simple, yet effective!


•  Call Me!

Now, this is perhaps the easiest way to solve your “I have nothing to wear!” woes. If you haven’t already, take a peek at my SERVICES and find the package that works best for you! A spring Closet Style-In is a no brainer if you’re looking to curate your closet, pinpoint your personal style needs and create a fashion template and style guide to use in the future. Oh, and we get to hang out too!

Appointments are starting to fill up quickly, so let’s chat if you’re interested in booking your session or finding out more about the process or services I offer. You can reach me HERE!

Now, stop procrastinating and go get dressed!