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Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017

Father's Day Gift Guide 2017 header

Yes, the time has come once again…

Father’s Day is this Sunday and I’ve been working hard to put together a unique gift guide for those of you who like to keep it exciting and perhaps wait until the last minute to score that gift for dad. Dad’s are especially tough to buy for. With this Father’s Day gift guide, I promise you that THIS year you’ll be cruising into the big day stress-free, nary a cliché Father’s Day tie in sight.

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Romper Room


I love turning real-life problems into stylish solutions.

I mean, these are not rock-the-universe, societal-altering issues we’re talking about here, but important quandaries to address, nonetheless!

Today’s fashion dilemma involves a piece that I’ve written about and styled numerous times over the years: the romper! (In case you’re new to these parts, you can catch yourself up HERE.)

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Dress Shorts

Feelin’ a bit hot and steamy?!

The heat is definitely turned on high in Cleveland and after spending a grand total of 15 minutes outside this morning all I want is a cold shower, a blast of air conditioning and the least amount of clothing as publicly appropriate.

When your go to jeans just won’t cut it, what’s a girl to wear?!

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Cool For The Summer

cool for the summer

Winter in Cleveland can be brutal… but you probably already knew that if you’ve followed me long enough.

What makes all of those grey months of icy, deep-freeze worthwhile is the summer payoff — blue skies, warm sunshine and cool breezes off the lake. It’s like the city comes to life again after a long hibernation. These first few weeks of June are moments to savor before they get all too familiar and we start looking forward to whatever comes next.

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White Jeans


I take my denim collection very seriously.


After years of being confined to wearing suiting 80% of the time, I relish in my current lifestyle and my ability to wear jeans ALL. THE. TIME. Black, blue, boyfriend, skinny, cropped, flare, fringe — you name it and I probably wear it!

Out of all of those pairs, a single style need just a little bit more attention than all of the others — white denim. Simply by force of nature (and my remarkable ability to spill coffee), my white jeans are the ones I probably end up replacing most often.



With summer just around the corner, I’ve been wearing my white jeans more than ever — you know, YOU CAN WEAR WHITE YEAR ROUND! Luckily for me (and for you), there are so many flattering styles available this season.

Here are just a few…

(click on the images below for pricing + retailer details!)

Lastly, here’s a shopping score — SHOPBOP (one of my favorite sources for designer denim) is having a surprise sale running for only 3 days! You can get up to 40% OFF some of the best denim styles — like these HIGH RISE FLARES or these CROPPED SKINNIES, along with a bunch of non-white, traditional denim options.  Make sure to take a browse through their site — I guarantee you’ll find something you’ll love.

white jeans

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The Summer Trend That Actually Flatters a Baby (OR Food) Belly!


No your eyes have not deceived you. You’ve read correctly. An actual summer style trend exists that can flatter the largest of bellies — baby, or otherwise.

Whether you’re housing a tiny human or just last night’s sodium-laden burrito, trapeze dresses have come to the fashion rescue! With their slightly oversized shape and forgiving, swingy silhouette they are a sophisticated way to tackle two of summer’s biggest issues:

1)  Staying cool in the heat.

2) Looking slim + trim in LESS clothes.

Just take a gander at some of the lovely ladies below — some WITH child, might I add!

this hot pink trapeze dress is so rad.

Julia Hengel Best Summer Look

Barefoot Blonde(via)


How to Wear Black All Summer Long

Some style notes to keep in mind when shopping and putting together trapeze dress looks:

1) Keep the top of the dress slim — from tank straps to off the shoulder looks, your collar bone, shoulders and decolletage should be highlighted.

2) Pair the dress with high strappy sandals or dainty pumps for a dressier take on a trapeze look. Since there is an abundance of fabric up top, you want to balance that out with a long, lean look from knees down.

3) For day, casual athletic-inspired sneakers look great too!

4) Think the look is just a bit too much fabric for you? Simply add a skinny belt, long scarf, or shirt tied around the waist to give your body more fit + flare definition.

5) Try layering a shorter length trapeze dress over skinny jeans in the fall, for a chic spin on the look.

Hard to resist right? Well, don’t. When you’re done getting all inspired, shop the look with some of my favorite trapeze dress picks!





Do you plan out your outfits in advance, or are you more of a fly by the seat of your pants type of person?

I think my hectic, early mornings require SOME level of advance planning, or at least a level of awareness of what I’ve got going on that day in order for me to style something that’s comfortable, appropriate and relatively put together. Otherwise, getting dressed can turn into a sh*t-show of a mess and an unnecessary and frustrating, time suck.

With plans to steal away for a casual night on the lake with my hubs (hubs > hubby > husband, right?!) to hear some live music, grab a few drinks and take part in some major food truck gorging (EDGEWATER LIVE — do it!), I started thinking about some very important things — like what I was going to wear.

Totally crucial, I know.

I wanted something casual and easy, without unnecessary fuss. I needed an outfit that could keep me comfortable in cooler, lakeside temps and during picnic, pop-a-squat-on-the-grass-style lounging. That’s a pretty long list of demands, huh?

Anyway, I think I got it figured out… and the footwear option may surprise you. Ready for it?

Ankle booties.

Your best shoe friends have probably been collecting dust in the back of your closet but it’s time to get them out and show them some summer lovin’. To keep your ankle booties from looking too heavy in the summer months, make sure to pair them with shorts, or a shorter-length dress in light, floaty fabrics and colors.

My feet are already thanking me. Ahhhh….





Style Inspiration: Sleeveless White Vest


Remember last week’s LINK LOVE when I linked to a simple and streamlined WHITE BLAZER?

Yeah, it totally sold out.

1) Absolute bummer.

2) I told you so!

The crisp, white, summer look is going nowhere, though. It’s a classic that lends a bit of structure and tailoring to what can otherwise be the most casual season of all. Do you know what structure and tailoring give you!? Smooth, long, lines and defined shoulders, hips and waist– the much sought after hourglass without any 3-day juice cleansing involved.

I’m preeeeeeeettttty sure, you want it.

So that brings me to today’s style inspiration: the sleeveless white vest. It’s the cooler cousin of the white blazer and the ideal layering piece for bringing in a bit of structure and tailoring (we like that) to all of your summer looks. Paired with equally structured pieces, it gives off a sharp and modern vibe, while when used as a topper to summer’s free-flowing dresses, a white sleeveless vest provides some great unexpected contrast and style.






Needless to say, I’m all over this look. As you can see above, a sleeveless white vest is the easiest way to dress up a draped tank top, distressed jeans and heels– essentially, my go to style. On the flip side, it can dress down the most feminine of dresses while keeping the silhouette structured– you go Olivia Palermo (image #1)! Add a belt, under OR over the vest and you’ve just taken it to a whole new sartorial level!

Now, onto the good stuff…