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Pajama Party

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Even the best laid plans get foiled…

That’s my motto for this past week.

Remember, I had a cold… and then STREP THROAT? Oh, and remember that little overnight to GERVASI VINEYARD we had planned as a winter treat to ourselves?! Yeah, well… that didn’t quite happen. Influenza got in the way… HARD. Mr. THD and I, along with both our kids’ grandparents (the planned weekend babysitters) went down in quick succession starting Friday morning. Canceling that non-refundable trip was pretty tragic, as was how we felt for most of Friday + Saturday. It’s Monday, and I think I’m finally back with the living, enjoying my first cup of hot coffee since Friday.

So, it’s not ALL bad news.

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Shop The WHO WHAT WEAR x TARGET Summer ’17 Collection!

who what wear target summer 2017 header

As a stylist and fashion-a-holic, it’s always an exciting time when a new collection drops into stores and online!

Have you had a chance to shop the WHO WHAT WEAR x TARGET collection yet? When it comes to the seasonal collections, I wouldn’t dilly dally. Summer is the season for fun, inexpensive fashion and this collection of casual dresses and separates is exactly the on-trend filler I want need to bring my basics into 2017.

Just take a peek at some of my favorite pieces below and you’ll agree!

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.81

Friday Link LoveAnd just like that, we’ve made it to the end of the week!

While yesterday, I woke up to a brisk 19º F, today it’s supposed to hit 70° F. Nothing like Spring in Cleveland! I say that with sarcasm and an eye roll. Speaking of eye rolls — that pretty much the only part of my upper body I can move without pain this morning. I woke up to a muscle strain/spasm in my upper back/right shoulder and I literally can’t move. Getting dressed and trying to tame my hair was an epic fail. I’ve already popped some Aleve and I’m hoping the muscles relax enough for me to get through my day, crazy hair and all.

Getting old stinks.

To take my mind off the searing pain and discomfort, I’ve put together a great roundup of internet reads to share with you. So let’s get to it! This week’s edition of Friday Link Love is right this way… 

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Who What Wear x Target Summer Collection


A few months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing the two founders (Hillary Kerr + Katherine Power) of fashion website, WHO WHAT WEAR speak at a conference. Their talk centered around building their business and creative brand from the bottom up. Their pride and excitement was palpable when talk of their upcoming WHO WHAT WEAR x TARGET collaboration came up. They were excited about their new collection of street-style ready separates and after previewing the pieces, so was I!

You can read all about that original collection HERE.


It’s been a few months now — have you had a chance to check out the WHO WHAT WEAR x TARGET styles yet? If not, now is your chance! May brought with it a ton of new inventory and styles and you don’t want to miss out on what will surely become some of your favorite spring/summer wardrobe additions.


Did I mention that all of the pieces ring in at under $50?!

Happy Tuesday to YOU!

(click on the images below for product details!)

What I love about this collaboration is that it’s essentially all of the basic pieces that a style editor would want to wear everyday, except at a fraction of the price of the designer versions. The silhouettes are all simple, well-cut and have the look and feel of a much more expensive product. As far as sizing goes, I would say that most of this line is sized in similar fashion to the Target MERONA brand of women’s clothes — so keep that in mind as you shop!

If you’ve tried out any of the pieces, curious minds want to know — what did you like/love/hate? Did the collection meet your expectations!?

I would love to hear from you, so please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

who what wear x target

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Who What Wear x Target Collection


Monday has got me feeling like, whoa!

Coming off an inspirational weekend of education, networking and plain ole’ fun, I’m pretty excited about what’s to come in 2016 — starting with this WHO WHAT WEAR x TARGET COLLECTION that’s now in stores and available online for purchase.

Who What Wear Target Collection

While at the CREATE & CULTIVATE event, I was fortunate enough to get a preview of the full street-style inspired collection of clothing and accessories on Saturday and let me tell you, I am beyond impressed.

Let me give you a quick lay of the collaboration land —  this collection is a good mix of basic wardrobe building blocks (think pencil skirts, striped tees and classic trenches) sprinkled with unique, on-trend pieces to provide a little spice to the fashion fundamentals. The entire collection is available in size 2-26 and the best part!? Nothing is over $50. Yes, you read correctly. Nothing is over $50.

Yeah, now that’s something to get excited about.

Let’s get shopping!

(click on the images for product details)

Guys, this is only a fraction of the entire collection — which also happens to include really well designed accessories like this leather KNOTTED BELT and floral WRAP SCARF! I saw and felt the products in person and they were all really good quality and honestly, look like they came from a high end boutique vs. a store where you can buy potatoes, stationary and deodorant at the same time.

Have you checked out the new line yet?!

If so, what are some of your favorite pieces?



The Best T-Shirt For Your Money


Just popping’ in for a quickie this morning…

I’m currently in the midst of a busy styling season and have my massive to-do list going in full force. At the top of the list: tell you all about a great t-shirt find at TARGET.

But really, what CAN’T you find at TARGET?

A few days ago, I went deep into the Target vortex to pick up a pack of crew socks for my son and came out with an amazingly soft and luxuriously, drapey t-shirt that no one can believe came from TARGET. It’s the MOSSIMO CREW NECK JERSEY TEE and it’s fantastic.

Since I like my t-shirts less clingy and more “boyfriend” style, I sized up to a medium — which in this particular Target line, is pretty much the equivalent of a small in the real world. The neckline is a great wide crew (more of a scoop, actually) and the length hits at my lower hip. This is a great option on its own now and as a layering base for later this fall when sweaters and blazers make their appearance.

I think this may qualify for the very official title: Best T-Shirt For Your Money!? No?

Did I mention it’s currently on sale for $9?! This is the time to stock up. With over 10 colors to choose from, you’re guaranteed to score a winner.

Here are a few more Target finds that caught my eye… Apparently, I have the attention span of a squirrel when I shop!


You’re welcome.


Home Decor

Target Shopping List: Home Decor

Target shopping list home decor spring 2015 nate berkus header

I’m back as promised, with my full round-up of the most stylish home decor scores at everyone’s favorite mass retailer: TARGET!

Honestly guys, it was really hard narrowing down my favorite home decor finds this season. Target seems to be getting better and better in terms of home design aesthetic and there were so many wonderful options to choose from for every style of home. Don’t even get me started on the NATE BERKUS home collection… it’s mid-century modern perfection at a fraction of the price. By the way, Target is currently running a spring home sale, with up to 30% off stylish spring updates.  You can also save an additional $10 off a $50+ home purchase, with code: DECORATE, so get shopping before these awesome finds sell out!

1 // 2 // 3 + 4 // 5 // 6 (a cake pedestal, but how cute would this be for cheese?) // 7 (I own this cart and once stocked and styled it’s a compliment magnet!)// 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 (looks exactly like a much more expensive version found at CRATE AND BARREL)// 13

When it comes to interior design and home decor, I’m a big advocate of high-low shopping. I always advise to spend up on the major anchoring pieces- couches, large consoles, dressers, etc., then find value accent furniture and accessories to give the room personality. I’ve come to expect my personal decor style to evolve over time, so it’s much easier (and economical) to swap out a few relatively inexpensive accessories versus a complete room overhaul.

Also, with 2 kids running around the house, you never know where the next spill, bump, or crash may be. It’s nice to know that whatever gets destroyed (because things will get destroyed) didn’t come with a huge price tag.

Have you found any great home decor pieces at Target that you simply could not live without?

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Target Shopping List: Women’s Clothing + Accessories

target shopping list header

On my agenda yesterday, was a quick trip to TARGET to pick up some depleted household items. You know, the usual tissues, kitchen cleaner, toothpaste, etc. One hour and $118 later, I walked out with 8 bags of things that I most definitely did not know I needed. I don’t know what it is about Target, but it sucks you in like a vortex and despite your best intentions, you can never come out with ONLY what you had written down on your color-coded list. There really should be a professional study about the psychology of Target shopping. I’d be happy to volunteer as a subject.

During my hour-long Target spree I took a look at some of the clothing and accessories and was pleasantly surprised. Target’s designs and quality seems to have come a long way in the last few years. I was impressed enough, that when I got home I checked out their website to see what other gems I could find. Let’s just say, my virtual shopping cart is pretty full.

1 // 2 // 3 (less than $7!) // 4 // 5 (under $50!) // 6 // 7 // 8 (tassels are going to be a big spring trend!)// 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 (how comfy do these sandals look?)// 14

As with any bargain shopping, your primary concern should be composition and quality. Sometimes, that shirt/dress/shoe is so inexpensive because the materials that it’s made out of are flat-out cheap: polyester, acrylic, vinyl, etc. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you know that it’s not the best quality and will probably last you no longer than a season. It’s a perfect example of, “You get what you pay for.”

All that being said, the products I selected above seem to be a step above the “usual”: real leather, gold, diamonds, merino wool… you get the idea. Also, when shopping at a store like Target, I generally go for clothing and accessories that are more simple in nature with less complex embellishment and seam-work. The combo of better materials and clean designs make my bargain buys nearly indistinguishable from much more expensive splurge purchases. Next time you’re cruising down the aisles of the infamous Tar-jáy, keep this more discriminatory shopping strategy in mind and I guarantee you’ll end up with a (slightly) lighter cart and a fuller wallet.

What’s on YOUR Target shopping list?

the heart's delight Stella Compiseno


P.S. While this post was focused on clothing and accessories, I noticed there were so many new fun home items being stocked while I shopped. I’ll definitely be doing a Target home decor/accessory roundup in the near future! Stay tuned.

Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 54

Friday Header

1. For those of you with closets I haven’t attacked yet, here is a great TEMPLATE FOR DETOXING YOUR WARDROBE. I promise, it’s just like ripping off a band-aid. Swift movement and little hesitation is key! (

2. If you’re in the market for a great new skinny jean that will smooth, lift and tone (no personal trainer required), you may want to check out this NEW LINE OF DENIM which also happens to be on sale. (

3. With the impending holiday season and all of hustle and bustle that inevitably goes along with it, getting a healthy, delicious dinner on the table becomes more of a challenge. (#thestruggleisreal) I basically let out a small cry of joy when I saw this list of 12 HEALTHY, MAKE AHEAD, SLOW-COOKER FREEZER MEALS. Sign this girl up! (

4. Since we’re on the topic of holidays, I’m just going to vent a little. Thanksgiving is still weeks away and I’m already pretty sick of all of the gourd/pumpkin/squash decor that’s flooding my pinterest and instagram! That’s why this EMILY HENDERSON STYLING VIDEO is so refreshing. Finally, a festive display that is a little less obvious and a whole lot more modern. (

5. I’ve come across many clients who were stumped by this age-old question: WHAT DO I DO WITH THE SPACE ABOVE MY KITCHEN CABINETS?!  Well, here is your answer… actually 7 of them. (

6. Ever wonder about those fabulous homes and apartments we see on TV’s most popular shows? You know, the ones you dream of owning one day? Sorry to burst your bubble, but you probably couldn’t afford them anyway. Chances are the characters who live in them could never afford either. Find out the TRUE MARKET PRICE FOR TV’S MOST NOTABLE HOMES. (

7. For all of the Halloween procrastinators out there who still have no costume to speak of: it’s your lucky day! I’ve got 20 OF THE BEST HALLOWEEN MAKEUP TUTORIALS for you. Just add a few key accessories and you’re ready for some “adult” witches brew. Trick or treat! (

Happy Halloween, guys! Today is round #3 of Halloween festivities for my family and I’m definitely ready to retire the costumes and pumpkins until next year. I COULD use a few more mini “100 Grand” chocolate bars of deliciousness. That’s what spin class is for, right? Hope you all have a safe, happy and sugar fueled holiday!

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