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Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.10

Friday Link LoveHappy Friday morning to you!

I hope everyone is staying warm today. It’s a cold one out there in Cleveland and a good reminder to appreciate every last bit of this autumn season. I’m not quite ready to let it go.

Actually, that’s an understatement.

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.92

Friday Link LoveCan you believe it’s Friday Link Love time already?!

This was recital week for my 6 year old and after what seems like a prolonged Ground Hog Day experience, it’s nice to wake up to a Friday! Last night was the final performance and we couldn’t be more proud of how our little girl rocked her dances. Dancing aside, the joy we witnessed as she came off the stage was enough to convince me that my dance mom days are far from over. Although, I can’t lie: I’m beyond thankful I have 2 months to recover before all that starts up again!

While I slowly sip my coffee and enjoy the quiet of my house, here are this week’s Link Love reads to get YOUR weekend started right!

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.51

Friday Link Love

I’d like to dedicate this edition of Friday Link Love to all of the exhausted moms out there desperately struggling in the final summer stretch before their kids go back to school. I salute you.

This past week felt like the last 50 meters of the women’s Olympic 400m race. If the end of the race is the metaphoric equivalent of my kids’ first day of school, I’m fully prepared to finish-line-faceplant-dive a la SHAUNAE MILLER.

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Friday Link Love, Vol 1.47

Friday Link Love
This has been an interesting week.

Over the weekend, I got a notification from my web host letting me know that it’s my 3-year “blogiversary” — way longer than I ever expected this little blog to last! I’m thoroughly thankful, grateful and dare I say it — #blessed, that each one of you has allowed me into your digital home and has remained interested in what I have to say. I can’t thank you enough — it’s truly changed my life.  

Happy Blogiversary, THD!

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.41

Friday Link LoveGood morning + happy Friday!

School is out for summer and let’s just say there is a bit of an adjustment going on in my household. My goal today is to prevent any major injuries and/or bloodshed, as the kids get “reacquainted” with each other and inevitably find something to fight about. I’m keeping the parenting bar pretty low — small victories are still victories right?

I’m totally crushing this motherhood thing right now.

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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.17

Friday Link Love

1. No matter how active we think we are if we have a desk job, chances we spend way more time slouched behind a screen than we should — enter ACTIVE SITTING. Find out what it is and why we should all be doing it! (

2. In the age of the selfie, critiquing our photos (and others’!) has pretty much become the norm… but did you know there is a SCIENCE BEHIND WHY WE HATE HOW WE LOOK IN PHOTOGRAPHS?! (

3. File this in the category of “too little too late” for me, but for those of you with young infants, pregnant or even planning to have children one day — I present to you the THE HOLD (a.k.a. the amazing, mind-blowing way to calm a crying infant!) (

4. Sometimes when you need a little personal pick-me up (or just an inspiring graphic) there is nothing better than these 10 MOST INSPIRING QUOTES OF ALL TIME collected from across the blogosphere! (

5. I think I found the perfect (out of the ordinary) festive dinner party meal for your next holiday soiree: BROWN BUTTER SCALLOPS WITH PARMESAN RISOTTO. Pop some bubbly, and get the gastronomical party started! (

6.  Just in case you might happen to burn yourself making the delicious meal above (see #5!), here are 6 HOME BURN REMEDIES to ease the pain. (

7.  So how did you guys fare on Cyber Monday? I’ve had a steady stream of UPS shipments all week long, and some very nosy children. In case you still have a few more people to cross off your list, I’ve been really impressed with H&M’s HOME COLLECTION! Kind of under the radar and not available in all stores, there are lots of great buys — one for you, two for me, right?

Here are just a few of my favorites:

HIS & HER TOOTHBRUSH HOLDERS, ORGANIC COTTON PILLOW COVERS (under $6!!!), BOTTLE CORKS (how cute would this be gifted with a nice bottle of wine?), a simple GOLD + GLASS BOX (to be filled with candy, candles, etc.), or a GRAPHIC THROW BLANKET in the prettiest shades of pink.

I’ll be honest, this week was no joke. It kicked my butt.

Getting acclimated back to a regular schedule post-Thanksgiving coupled with holiday travel was a challenge!  Many cups of coffee and early bedtimes later, I think I’m back. Good thing, too — this Sunday, December 6th is the ROCKY RIVER DESIGNER HOLIDAY HOUSE TOUR and my holiday elves and I need to get some serious work done. The house is coming along nicely and I’m really looking forward to getting the greenery, fresh floral arrangements and finishing touches up and ready for the crowds. While yesterday’s HAUTE HOLIDAY HOME was all about the sparkle and bling, you’ll have to wait and see what I’ve got up my sleeve for this year’s holiday house! 

Expect the unexpected.


Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.2

Friday Link Love Header

1. One of my favorite ways to easily up the glam factor of any beauty look is with false eyelashes. Easier said than done, right? Here’s an EASY-TO-FOLLOW TUTORIAL for getting the prettiest lashes in town. (

2. Is it bad that even just the RUMOR OF GISELE BUNDCHEN’S PLASTIC SURGERY makes me immediately feel better about myself? Just sayin’. (

3. It’s never too late to learn something new, starting with these FREE (OR CHEAP) ONLINE DIY + DECORATING CLASSES! Let’s get educated. (

4. This totally cracked me up and actually made me glad that I’m in my 30’s — here’s WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF 20-SOMETHINGS WERE HONEST ON INSTAGRAM. (

5. Have you guys used a spiralizer yet? I’ve recently fallen head-over-heels with this quirky kitchen gadget (FYI: the spiralized crisp zucchini noodle salad at TOWNHALL is TO. DIE. FOR.) and might finally pull the trigger on the purchase. Once you see these 8-LIFE CHANGING WAYS TO USE A SPIRALIZER, you will too! (

6. Since we’ve headed down the path of delicious summer foods, how about this SUMMER GNOCCHI WITH CHARRED SWEET CORN + ZUCCHINI? If you’ve never made your own gnocchi, it’s so much easier (and delicious) than you think! (

7. While everyone is still fussing over the last few days of the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE (it ends Monday!), get your unadulterated sale-shopping fix in over at INTERMIX. It’s an additional 50% off sale prices and you can find designer pieces to transition to fall like: these TROUSER JEANS, this SAFARI WRAP JACKET, this super-cool FRINGE KNIT SWEATER, or this easy LONG SLEEVE MAXI DRESS that would look fantastic layered under a little jacket with ankle booties!

Another summer month in the books… August here we come!

I’ll be running my final last-minute errands today before heading to NY for my final summer hurrah. It will be a few weeks of soaking up sun, fun and refined carbohydrates in the form of the best pizza and bagels on earth. What more could a girl ask for? You can follow along with me over on INSTAGRAM + TWITTER— I guarantee some city skylines, Long Island shores and most definitely, food porn. No worries, there will be regular blog content as well. I’m good like that.

Have a great weekend! See you back here on Monday.