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Girls’ Night Out

Girls Night Out The Sis Kiss Marshall's 1Good morning, folks!

I’ve been meaning to post this batch of photos for a few days now, but with all of the holiday (a.k.a SALE!!!) madness they took a back burner. I’m happy now to finally share with you a fun shoot (and girls night out) with some fabulous ladies and obviously, some overdue fashion tips, too!

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Lights, Camera, Action

TV camera

Apparently, this is the week of “big reveals.” In keeping with that theme, I thought it would be fun to share a little “behind the scenes” of another fun project I’ve been working on. A little while back I was contacted by WKYC (Channel 3)- the NBC affiliate here in the NE Ohio area. The plan was to put together a fun style segment dispelling the myth, “You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day“, which will be airing next Monday on wait for it, wait for it… LABOR DAY! I’m always up for a good challenge, so I gathered 5 brave women of all shapes and sizes, 2 SUV trunk loads of great clothes and accessories and got busy!

I was fortunate enough to work with very generous retailers (THANK YOU, Stark Enterprises) AND a super fabulous and talented makeup artist, Kelly Mirone (The Powder Room) who helped turn my vision into TV reality. It takes a village, people. While the segment doesn’t air until Monday, Sept 1 @ 12pm on Channel 3 (Live on Lakeside), here are a few glimpses of the final product.

Here’s Kelly, hard at work: 5 women, 2.5 hours and 2 suitcases of fabulous makeup products later, we were ready.


Sometimes, the accessories can make the outfit.  In this case, the amazing faceted stone bangle was provided by a set of lovely and talented sisters who call their company, “The Sis Kiss!” Cute, right? You should check them out.


A good shirt cuff is my everything.


Baubles and bling.


Not only can you wear white after Labor Day, I highly recommend you do.  Especially, if you’re rockin’ a cute studded satchel like this one.


My overflowing tote: reference cards for each “look”, my beloved day-planner, oh, and a pair of toddler-sized ballet slippers.  Because that’s “normal.”

WKYC WEar White After Labor Day

Taking a breather in the green room, which as you can see, is not green at all.


Not to leave you hanging or anything, but I’m going to stop here. Consider this the “cliff-hanger!” It IS television, afterall. Please (pretty-please?) tune in on Monday to see all of the final looks in all of their “white” glory. For those not in the local region, no worries, I’ll post the segment clip next week!

OK, now I need a serious nap.  Hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day weekend!