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Transitional White

transitional white fall style header

Lately, Cleveland has been giving me all of the Fall feels.

Between school starting back up, the cooler temperatures (hello, 60’s!) and even the first hint of leaves dropping, fall is definitely in the air. However, I’m not so willing to give up my summer just yet! Labor Day weekend is still a few days away and as they say, “It’s not over until the fat lady (drinking a pumpkin spice latte) sings!”

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White Ankle Boots


Did you ever fall madly in love with a piece in your closet only to completely forget about it a few months later?

When you’re finally reunited with your long-lost fashion love, a rainbow appears, birds start singing and all is good in the world again. That’s a slightly dramatized version of what happened when I came across my favorite white ankle boots a few days ago.

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The Return Of The Anorak

return of the old navy anorak header

When it’s good, it’s good.

Old Navy military anorak white tunic dress stuart weitzman lowland boots

Even if it’s an under $40 purchase from OLD NAVY that is now on it’s 3rd year! I’m talking about my favorite MILITARY GREEN ANORAK (this year’s version!) whose praises I’ve been singing since 2012.

With winter coats packed away, I’ve started bring back some oldies but goodies back into my rotations. Rather than pair them with the same old thing, I’ve been mixing and matching the assorted seasons and styles to put together some fresh looks that get me excited to wear pieces that have been in my closet for a long time.

Old Navy military anorak white tunic dress stuart weitzman lowland boots

Old Navy military anorak white tunic dress stuart weitzman lowland boots 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli


Old Navy Anorak (old; THIS SEASON’S STYLE) // Paula Hermanny Dress (old; THIS or THIS is similar!) // Stuart Weitzman BOOTS // 3.1 Phillip Lim SATCHEL // Etsy QUARTZ NECKLACE // TJ Maxx Necklace (old; SIMILAR) // Mainsai CUFF // Giles & Brother CUFF

In this case, I love the way the structured, more casual jacket contrasts with the delicate, floaty tunic dress. Clearly, a case of opposites attract! I picked the dress up at an A LIST POP-UP event a few months back and it’s become one of those easy dresses that I keep going back to. Don’t you just love when that happens? It’s been worn to work dinners (with tights and boots), beach vacations (as a coverup) and now, just running around town.

Paula Hermanny white tunic Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots

Are you guys sick of me totally gushing over these STUART WEITZMAN LOWLAND BOOTS? The good news is that I probably only have a few weeks left of over-the-knee goodness before they’re cleaned and stored away for the summer. The bad news is that I probably only have a few weeks left of over-the-knee goodness before they’re cleaned and stored away for the summer.

Old Navy military anorak white tunic dress stuart weitzman lowland boots



White Tunic Dress

What spring/summer pieces are you excited to break out again?

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March Style Notes

march style notes 2015 The Heart's Delight Fashion

March roars in like a lion and out like a lamb!? Touché, Mother Nature… Lady, you’re all business this month.

With the brief interlude of vacation talk, DENIM CUT-OFFS and general Spring Break planning (you can find my mega packing right over HERE…), I’ve been kind of ignoring the obvious. It’s still effen‘ COLD!

So what’s a girl to do when it’s time to get dressed, besides sit in your closet and stare blankly at all of the clothes you don’t want to ruin in the slush/salt, clothes that you’ll freeze in and clothes that are screaming out for mercy because you’ve been wearing them so much? You keep reading and pick up some ideas from the transitional season style notes I’ve put together below!

monochromatic black text

What I love about monochromatic dressing is that first off, it’s easy! What’s simpler than wearing the same or similar color from head to toe? It just always works. Next, it makes really inexpensive pieces look much more “designer.”  I’ll put TONAL DRESSING in this category, too. Although, while technically you’re not wearing the exact same color, the range of shades is visually appealing and a total fashion win.

white bright text

Do not be afraid of white. White is your friend. White is for all seasons. White looks pretty fantastic. Why deny yourself a built-in glow from within? The contrast of a bright white with more traditional cold weather colors (black, grey, brown, camel, etc.) and textures (wool, cashmere, boucle, faux-fur, leather etc.) takes it to a whole new transitional season level.

Trench coat text

Sticking with the outerwear theme, trench coats are just one of those staples that every woman should own. Personally, I prefer a classic, knee-length, double breasted version. Remember what I said about skewing cheaper on the pastel coat!? Well, you want to do the opposite with your trench and splurge on the best quality that’s within your budget. Everyone’s personal spending is different, I get it… and not everyone can afford a BURBERRY coat, but there are also lovely, well-crafted options at much more affordable prices. Some great brands include: RAG & BONE, BCBGMAXAZRIA, BANANA REPUBLIC & CLUB MONACO to name a few…

white shirt + jeans text

I’m sorry if you’re tired of me saying that I’ll always love a crisp white button down and a simple pair of jeans. It’s true. There is nothing wrong with sticking to a tried and true basic combination, especially when you find pieces and fabrics that work well for your body. Think this look is just too boring for you!? Well, that’s what THE THIRD PIECE is for.

pastel punch text

Since it’s still technically winter and all, you definitely need a coat. While I love a really well tailored neutral (camel, black, grey, etc.) I think that a happy pastel shade is an ideal way to usher in that long-awaited spring. Since this is definitely not a look you’ll be wearing on the reg, this is the time to go a little budget and find a well-cut, flattering pastel outerwear option that’s more of a value than investment.

How are YOU tweaking your style for the month ahead?

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Uniquely You.

ModCloth Uniquely You The Hearts Delight Red White & Cute Stella Compiseno

Have you guys ever shopped at ModCloth? Its an exclusively-online retailer that has such a unique business model and philosophy. The best way to describe it is a “Democracy of Fashion.” You’re probably asking,”What does THAT mean?!” Well, it means that it’s a company devoted to its clientele, allowing them to dictate the buying choices, the styles carried and even the designs themselves. It also means that whether you’re a size 0 or plus-size, retro-hipster, or corporate professional, chances are you’re going to find that perfect something to complement your personal style- at a great price.

Now, let’s get back to style.  When ModCloth reached out and asked me to participate in their “Uniquely You” campaign, I was totally excited for a good fashion challenge. Since we’re in a full-blown transitional season, I thought I would give you guys an easy way to get a few more wears out of those fun dresses that are so flattering and easy to throw on. The perfect choice for those mornings when you just NEED to get that one extra alarm snooze in! Trust me, those extra 7 minutes of R.E.M. bliss make a world of difference. So does all of the coffee.

Here’s how it goes down:

1) Alarm goes off. Curse, roll over and slam the snooze button immediately.

2) Roll out of bed 7 minutes later with eyes half shut and hair a hot mess.

3) Shower and try to wrestle hair into somewhat presentable form.

4) Take favorite go-to summer dress and add a few strategic layers.

5) Cinch it all up with a belt – because we don’t have to sacrifice our waistline for cozy warmth.

6) Throw on some fall inspired accessories (ummm, I may be obsessed with hats lately?!) and you’re ready to go.

ModCloth Uniquely YOU: A dress for all seasons

Dress // Chambray Shirt // Buffalo Check Cardigan // Belt // Bag (currently on SALE 30% off!) // Boots // Hat // Earrings

What’s YOUR favorite transitional style that’s “Uniquely You”?



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