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Buy, Keep, Store: Fall 2017 Edition

Buy Keep Store Fall 2017Quick reader poll: Do any of you still read glossy magazines in hard copy?

One of my favorite regular magazine features is The In Out List in my monthly Harper’s Bazaar. While most of my fashion reading is done online (and has been for quite some time), this regular feature is one of the few things I actually get excited to see when my mail arrives.

In that vain, I thought I’d put together my own interpretation of The In Out List called, “Buy, Keep, Store” to get you guys as excited as I am for the upcoming fashion season. Hell, maybe it will even get you motivated to clean out your closet, too!

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Robe Dress

silk-robe-dress-street-style-summer-fashion-the-heart's-delight-headerSometimes you see a new style on the fashion scene that hits you hard. Other times, you find a new style slowly creeping into the lineup of seasonal staples without much fanfare or fuss.

This latter scenario just happens to be the case with the robe dress.

Love it or hate it, robe-inspired fashion has been making its way into retailers’ summer stock, as well as the closets of the most fashionable women around!

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How To Wear A Crop Top When You’re NOT 22

How To Wear A Crop Top When You're Not 22

There are many things I don’t miss about being 22 — bad dates, being the most junior person in the office and zits, just to name a few.

One thing I do miss, is the ability to pull off any trend successfully without any hesitation or trepidation. When you’re young, fit and fearless you have the under-appreciated (and generally underutilized) ability to just go for it and swing for the fashion fences.

These days, whenever I see a strong fashion trend come into play there’s a bit more research and analysis involved as I consider whether it is (or isn’t) appropriate for this working mom of 2. Over time, I’ve realized that there are very few fashion trends I wouldn’t be willing to try — WITH some modifications, of course.

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Swap This For That: The 2017 Edition

2017 Trend Updates Header

Fashion is always evolving.

With each season, each runway collection and each trend introduced there will inevitably something new that you just have to have… or so they say. Often times, it can be hard just to keep up. Just as you’ve grown comfortable with some “out-of-your-comfort-zone” style, it’s time to pack it up and move on.

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The Pajama Game


WARNING: This style is not for the timid or fashion risk averse.

The pajama trend has been creeping its way out of the bedroom and into the closets of stylish women globally over the past few years. Occasionally, a trend goes down a runway for a few seasons before it becomes casually interpreted for real life wear. This happens to be one of those slow-adoption trends that proved slightly more difficult for fashionistas to figure out and make their own.

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The Stylist Approved Way To Wear Track Pants


Athleisure is going nowhere.

Love it or hate it, the infiltration of athletic inspired clothes into our non-athletic lives is inevitable. A far cry from the Juicy Couture velour sweatpants you wore circa 2002, track pants can in fact, be sophisticated.

Still doubting me?!

Right this way, please…

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Bell Sleeve

bell sleeve

Isn’t it interesting how fashion evolves from season-to-season?

This past spring was full of LACE-UP styles which eventually evolved into summer’s OFF-THE-SHOULDER and ruffles. Now, with fall approaching, designers have taken this style to the next level and extended the lace-up, off-the-shoulder and ruffles to include the longer bell sleeve.

So, what has remained consistent?

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