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As with everything else on this planet, fashion evolves.

Trends build over time and spill over into the next biggest, brightest thing in the retail world.

How’d you guys feel about the lace-up trend??

For quite a few seasons, that criss-crossed detail covered everything from top to bottom giving even the simplest of pieces a serious dose of wearable style. Well, prepare yourselves because the lace-up has now evolved into… the ruche!

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Lady In Red

red fall trend street style header

If you had a chance to read YESTERDAY’S POST, you might have noticed a bold color creeping into the Fall Trend scene: RED.

As flattering and complimentary as the color red can be, many folks tend to shy away from the bright hue. Red leaves many of us uncertain about how to incorporate it into our wardrobes, or even questioning if the color works with our skin-tones/complexions at all.

Essentially, we opt out before we even give red its fair shot.

I thought I would shed a little light on red and offer up some fun style ideas on how to wear the shade of the season. You know, since we’re good friends and all…

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One Shoulder Top


Now that off-the-shoulder is about as mainstream as you can get and you guys KNOW MY FEELINGS on those dreaded shoulder cut-out tops, the fashion powers that be have decided to switch it up again and bring us the next “it” top of the season: the one shoulder top.

I’ve seen the style slowly creep in over the course of the summer and I have a hunch that there will be a lot more of it come this fall. One sleeve is better than no sleeves when it’s cold outside — am I right, or am I right?!

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My LEAST Favorite Trend Of The Season


No matter how classic or timeless we want our wardrobes to be, so much of what we wear everyday is trend driven. It’s the trends that make our closet staples feel contemporary and fresh, even if they’ve been in our style rotation for a long time.

Unfortunately, while some trends are home run hits — boyfriend jeans, anyone!? — others are, well… questionable. I could wax poetic about the BEST trends you just have to try, but I thought it might be easier to voice my opinion about a trend that I’m advising you to take a pass on.

Are you ready for it!?

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Layered Silk Camisole

layered silk camisole

One of my favorite trends for the upcoming season is the layered silk camisole.

It’s wearable, it’s flattering and it’s versatile… and it kind of reminds me of the fashion from one of the best 90’s shoes of all time: Beverly Hills 90210! Can’t you just picture Donna Martin rockin’ the layered silk camisole on a night out at The Peach Pit!?

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The Slip Dress


Leave it to the fashion insiders to transform a relic of the 90’s into what is going to be one of the most influential trends of this coming Spring season.

If you thought the slip dress had seen it’s peak during the era of a trashed Courtney Love and Beverly Hills 90210 (pre-college years, obvi…), you’d be terribly mistaken.

The slip dress is back, baby… and better than ever!




No longer is it the bedroom-inspired, party frock relegated to late nights out. If anything, the Spring runways and editorials have taught us that the slip dress is truly a functional layering piece. Don’t get me wrong, the slip dress can still be a stunning, cocktail-party partner in crime (especially with a sexy pair of STRAPPY SANDALS and a CROPPED FAUX-FUR JACKET), but don’t hesitate to play around with proportion, texture and your favorite daytime basics to take this slip dress to the next level.

What you might end up with is a fresh interpretation of slip dress style…

(Click on the images below for details!)

slip dress

Theory Slip Dress // Acne Sweater (it seems to now be sold out — THIS is a great alternative, and THIS is a great steal version!) // Gucci Satchel // Rag & Bone Sneakers

H&M Turtleneck // Lucky Brand Leather Jacket // Proenza Schouler Crossbody // Topshop Fringe Boot

Some style notes when it comes to slip dresses:

•  Since most slip dresses come in luxe boudoir appropriate materials — silk, satins, lace, etc. think about contrasting the delicate dress with some more casual textures for a well balanced and much more daytime appropriate look. Denim, cotton, chunky knits, leather and suede are all wonderful options to tone down the sex-appeal of the dress.

•  Matte iterations of the slip dress are great figure enhancers for those a bit more self conscious about wearing a body skimming silhouette in a shiny fabric.

•  If you’re on the petite end of things, opt for a slip dress that is cut above the knee vs. the midi style shown above — the shorter length will be more flattering on your smaller frame.

What do YOU think about this 90’s era flashback?



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7 Cool Ways to Wear a Cape


7 cool ways to wear a cape header

The cape or poncho is kind of a divisive fashion topic.

Either you love them or you hate them.

You may especially hate them after the trend surged in the mid 2000’s then died down just as quickly leaving you with a closet full of cape/ponchos never to see the light of day again. In case you may be worried about getting burned again, I’ve put together a visual guide to inspire you to wear that cool cape/poncho without concern that you’ve missed the fashion trend bus.

1. Give Your Preppy Shirtdress a Bohemian Spin


2. Wear It Over Slim Black Pants For A Universally Flattering Silhouette


3. Belt It To Define Your Waist


4. Try A Minimalist Color Blocked Outfit


5. Embrace The Fringe


6. Style It As A Warm Fit + Flare Dress On The Coldest Days


7. Break Up All Black


So, now that you’ve seen all of these cool ways to wear a cape, are you feeling especially inspired? Get the look this fall/winter and shop some of my favorite picks below!




What I Want To Wear: Off-The-Shoulder Top


As you know, I’m no bohemian-beach maven.

I love the look, but crave the clean lines and structure of a more modern, minimalist aesthetic. (Get to know your STYLE IDENTITY, y’all!) I think I’ve found a compromise that lets me embrace the boho-flow while still staying true to my personal style: the off-the-shoulder-top.

This traditionally romantic style can get quickly modernized with the right coordinating pieces. The off-the-shoulder trend knows no age boundaries either — this is a look that women of all ages (and sizes!) can embrace.

See for yourself…

Street Style Off The Shoulder White Top


2 Le Fashion 31 Stylish Ways To Wear An Off The Shoulder Look Blogger Krystal Schlegel Tibi Top Nude Bag Jeans photo 2-Le-Fashion-31-Stylish-Ways-To-Wear-An-Off-The-Shoulder-Look-Blogger-Krystal-Schlegel-Tibi-Top-Nude-Bag-Jeans.jpg

22 Le Fashion 31 Stylish Ways To Wear An Off The Shoulder Look Striped Top Shorts Lace Up Sandals Via Fashion Me Now

10 Le Fashion 31 Stylish Ways To Wear An Off The Shoulder Look White Tibi Top Striped Skirt Aimee Song Of Style

Now, shop the look below:

Will you be wearing the off-the-shoulder trend this season?



Fringe Benefit

fringe_trend_shoes_headerThe 70’s continue their reign as far as Spring trends go this season and I must say, I’m kind of smitten. In addition to the FLARES, you guys know that I love so much, I was thinking of adding a fringe bag to my collection.

{Insert sound of record screeching to a stop, here!}

Who’d ever think this modern-classic… with a tomboy/gamine twist, would ever be into fringe?! It’s all about our STYLE IDENTITIES, right? It started when I saw the MOST PERFECT CLUTCH on my INSTAGRAM feed courtesy of CLARE V. (one of my favorite handbag designers). It was a basic pouch with a long extension of leather fringe along one side. Otherwise unembellished, it was as if a 70’s bohemian babe had an affair with a French minimalist, and this was their love child. A love child that would perfectly suit my minimalist palette of black, white, grey and beige. Unfortunately, this bag is a limited collection made exclusively for BERGDORF GOODMAN. If you’re as interested as I am, you can call the store directly (212-872-8901) and they will ship this beauty right to you.

Don’t you worry, my love for fringe does not quite stop at this bag. Oh, no… that would be too easy. Take a look at some of the other fringed pieces that I have been drooling over lately.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 (these look way more expensive than the price tag reads!) // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 (a great budget friendly alternative to that Clair V. bag I mentioned above!) // 13 // 14

I couldn’t resist and just pulled the shopping trigger on the fringed sweater/coat (#2) myself! #jobhazard I’m planning on pairing it with a simple black leather mini, white t-shirt and white pointy-toe loafers: a great MODERN-CLASSIC with a tomboy/gamine twist combo, if I do say so myself. Can you tell I’m excited?

Now, to get YOU excited, here are a few more ways to wear your fringe this season:fringe_trend_skirt(via)



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