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The ONE Critical Shopping Mistake to Avoid

Let me set a scene for you:

A friend calls (who am I kidding — no one calls anyone anymore!) texts you on Thursday morning asking if you want to meet up with the girls for Friday night dinner and drinks. You happily oblige. It’s been ages since you’ve had a girls night out!

Then you panic.

Sh*t! What do I wear?! I Have NOTHING in my closet. I hate my clothes!

Then you proceed directly to the nearest clothing store as soon as you can and begin the mad hunt for the “perfect” going out shirt.

Can you tell where this story is going?

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Dress Like A French Woman


It’s Monday and time to be brutally honest with ourselves: this cold and dark, fall morning our personal style is probably not our best.

Hey, it’s tough to motivate sometimes!

What if I told you there was simple method to the always stylish madness that comes directly from our #fashiongoals cousins from across the pond? There is a reason why the fashion set holds those always-chic, Parisian women high on the style pedestal of life. Fortunately for us, we don’t need to parlez vous franςais in order to steal their sartorial secrets. We can all dress like a French woman this season using their five-piece French wardrobe method. Continue Reading


How To Build A Killer Outfit (When You’re Running Late!)

how to build a killer outfit when you're running late

One thing that unifies us all as women is our ability to go from “ahead of schedule” to “running late” in a blink of an eye — just ask my (very patient) husband!

Whether you got held up at the office, got distracted by the kids, or just savored those last few minutes of morning sleep a little TOO much (that daylight-savings time change is a killer!), we’ve all had moments of panic when we’ve stood and stared at our closet hoping that the Fairy Style Godmother would come to our rescue and drop the perfect outfit in our lap. Unless you’re a modern day Cinderella, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

To help you get you back on track and on schedule, I’ve created a guide of foolproof tips to make getting dressed the speediest and least stressful part of your day.

how to build a killer outfit when running late inspiration board

•  Keep An Inspiration Board

Have you joined PINTEREST yet? Well, what are you waiting for?!

I find that Pinterest is the easiest way to keep your look inspired and your fashion on point. Whenever you see a look that catches your eye, just go ahead and pin away for future reference! Next time you think, “I have no idea what to wear!” make sure to check out your Pinterest page.  I guarantee it will become one of your most utilized resources when it comes to coming up with fresh and flattering ensembles.


•  Keep Things Organized

If your closet is a mess, finding a cohesive outfit becomes all the more time consuming and challenging. An overstuffed, unorganized and disheveled closet will lead to wasted time and energy searching for the right pieces — and definitely some ironing. (#aintnobodygottimeforthat) It’s important to be able to actually see what you own so that you can maximize your wardrobe’s potential and visually create cohesive looks. Not to mention, keeping your closet organized is  a great way to save money and prevent overbuying and overspending on items you may already own.

Some of the tools I use to keep my closet in good form are surprisingly inexpensive and can be easily installed in most spaces, no matter how big or small — see for yourself:



•  Know What Works

Helping people uncover their STYLE IDENTITY is a big part of what I do as a stylist. Once you have that style identity on lock down, you’ll be able to focus in on your standout outfits and silhouettes that make you look and feel amazing.


•  Start From The Bottom

Just like Drake says, we started from the bottom. In this case, the bottom refers to your shoes! Make a quick mental note of your daily schedule and determine which lucky pair of shoes will make the cut based on activities, dress code, weather, etc. Your shoes will become the basic foundation used to inspire and create the rest of your outfit.

Here are 5 of my go-to shoe basics that every woman should have in their rotation:


•  Take Selfies

Take a cue from the Kardashians (ughh… it pained me to say/type that!) and document your looks on your camera phone. Keep a digital file of successful outfits on hand so that you can reference back to it when you are in a fashion slump or need a quick dose of inspiration. Simple, yet effective!


•  Call Me!

Now, this is perhaps the easiest way to solve your “I have nothing to wear!” woes. If you haven’t already, take a peek at my SERVICES and find the package that works best for you! A spring Closet Style-In is a no brainer if you’re looking to curate your closet, pinpoint your personal style needs and create a fashion template and style guide to use in the future. Oh, and we get to hang out too!

Appointments are starting to fill up quickly, so let’s chat if you’re interested in booking your session or finding out more about the process or services I offer. You can reach me HERE!

Now, stop procrastinating and go get dressed!



4 Easy Swaps To Transition Your Closet This Season

As I mentioned earlier this week, this is is Crazytown-time for me.

Fall closet transitions are one of my biggest styling projects of the season. As people clamor to get their summer clothes stored out of sight and bring back the fall layers and knits that everyone loves so much, sometimes a little professional help goes a long way.

Aside from committing a bit of time (I would say 3-hours is the average), tackling a fall closet transition is a relatively straightforward task that makes your cold-weather dressing much (much) easier and enjoyable in the months ahead.

You reap what you sow, right?

Since I’ve been doing this for a number of years, I thought I would share with you 5 easy swaps to make in order to get your wardrobe organized and fall ready! Now, who’s excited!?

Linen + Eyelet  → Velvet + Suede


One of the most straightforward changes to make between warm and cold season wardrobes involves texture. Fall’s biggest style draw is the ability to layer and mix textures to create unique and functional looks using pieces already found in your closet.

When it comes to fall textures, cozy is the most overused, basic, yet annoyingly accurate word to describe the clothes we love. Linen and eyelet are true trademarks of summer dressing and should be stored away once temperatures begin to dip. Don’t worry, I’m not a stickler for timing and any of those archaic style rules like NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY! Take your time, but eventually move toward the velvets and suedes that give your fall clothes that rich, luxurious feel.

With the 70’s influenced trends still going strong, velvet and suede styles are widely available and look amazing interpreted in today’s modern cuts.


Flip-Flops + Espadrilles  → Lace-up Flats + Oxfords


Sayonara, sandals. Arrivaderci, espadrilles. It’s time to say goodbye.

Honestly, I’m not really complaining about this one. I much prefer the structure and comfort of enclosed shoes and boots over the scrappy and unsupported summer options. This season, you’re going to see an abundance of comfort-meets-style footwear options.

Let’s begin with the lace-up flat. Remember when I told you this shoe was going to be everywhere and you should probably consider purchasing a pair before they sell out? Yeah… they’re kind of sold out. At least the more affordable versions of the gorgeous AQUAZZURA original. Keep your eyes peeled, as retailers are definitely going to be restocking these best-sellers as quickly as possible.

Next, let’s talk oxford. This style is not new on the scene, but you’re going to see it in a different light this season: pointed toed and platformed. If this more “on-trend” version is not your speed, no worries. The tried and true classic oxford, is just that — classic. That bad boy is going nowhere.


Denim Shorts  → Boyfriend Jeans + Flares


I’m a little sad to be saying goodbye to my beloved DENIM CUTOFFS. They’ve been my summer style VIP this season. However, I am looking forward to getting to wear my most favorite boyfriend and flare jeans… a lot.

You may have recently seen some magazine articles, Facebook posts or style websites claim that skinny jeans are leaving the style party, but in this case, I would say:

“Put that magazine/ipad/iphone down and totally disregard what you just read!”

Skinny jeans are not “out.” They will never be “out.” Now, you simply have more options to mix in with your skinny denim styles — specifically, boyfriend jeans and flares. Both are not as easy to fit as the skinny, but keep trying different brands and cuts and I promise you, you’ll find a pair you love as much, if not more than your best skinnies. For example, some of my petite clients have been complaining that all of the flare jeans run too long and can’t really be shortened. If that’s the issue, please try the PAIGE LOU LOU PETITE FLAIR.

See?! Problem solved.


Flirty Summer Dresses  → Long Maxi Dresses + Jumpers


Who doesn’t love a pretty, little sundress? They’re the style solution to dressing for some of summer’s most sweltering days/nights. Unfortunately, they do have a seasonal lifespan. If you like the look of a flirty summer dress, why not try a long-maxi or jumper instead? Both styles provide the same feminine aesthetic but with a bit more seasonally appropriate coverage.


So who’s excited to start making the transition?

Got any questions about fall style or your fall closet transition? Leave them behind in the comments section below or via my CONTACT tab and let a pro help!



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Bohemian Rhapsody

First of all, for those of you in NE Ohio & the New England region of the country — WTF!? Holy, fall.


It went from quintessential hot and sticky August to fall in a blink of an eye. I’m currently wrapped in my coziest of cardigans and drinking hot coffee to try to get the chill out (and get the caffeine in)! I guess, there is no better time than the present to get inspired by all of the amazing fall lookbooks coming my way. My favorite assortment of fall looks has come via one of my favorite contemporary brands — IRO.


Easy and effortless (a.k.a. exactly what’s expected from the French) I have bookmarked almost every IRO Fall/Winter 2015 look as inspiration for my own cold weather wardrobe. Aside from realizing that I need to start saving all of my pennies to get my hands on these beautiful clothes, I also had an especially important realization related to my STYLE IDENTITY. You know, that thing we talked about that can help build your wardrobe and keep you from buying:

  1. too much
  2. the wrong stuff


While I always categorized my style as MODERN + CLASSIC (with a tomboy/gamine twist) and passed on more embellished and bohemian inspired looks, this IRO line has me rethinking everything. Somehow, the design geniuses over at IRO have managed to seamlessly integrate bohemian flair into an otherwise modern and classic collection. Count me in.


So here is my lesson of the day:

Personal style is fluid — do not be afraid to shift with the tides.

Now, back to fantasizing about my fantastic, IRO-filled wardrobe…



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Fall Planning


Don’t hate me, but I’m already kind of thinking about fall. I mean, seriously… It’s hard NOT to.

Between the Bummer Of A Summer 2015 — my very technical term for this summer of cloud cover, continuous rain and un-summer-like temperatures — and the flood of back-to-school displays and commercials, it’s easy to forget that we have a ways to go before it all officially begins.

Hey, this fall lover is not complaining! Fall is probably my favorite season of all — especially in the style department. Now is a great time to take inventory of your closet and see which summer staples can be integrated with cooler weather layers, revive your favorite fall pieces and think about which strategic additions to make in order to round out your wardrobe.

Also, if you’re thinking of taking on a minimalist challenge, I cannot recommend PROJECT 333 enough — you can read about my experience with a capsule wardrobe HERE.

Even if you’re not into the minimalist thing, the capsule experience teaches you a crucial lesson in seasonal style: working with a predetermined color palette is key. This fall, I’m feeling lots of warm greys, taupes, browns, khakis, creams and denim (#obviously), all with a general muted feel.

Are you with me?

fall planning collage 1 cacti brown sweater knits

fall planning collage 3 bardot 60s style sweaters denim street style

fall planning collage 2 panama city denim blue brown


Images  1 // 2 + 3 // 4 + 5 // 6 + 7


She Works Hard For The Money

Hey, there!

Hope you’re coming off of a fantastic weekend and ready to get this Monday party started.  I guess we can say we’re officially into the dog-days of summer?! Actually, I’m not sure if there is an official line of demarcation when “dog-days” begin, so let’s just say we’ve arrived.  The cicadas buzzing in the trees next to my window concur.  How disgusting are those bugs, by the way?  I’ve been seeing them every summer since I was a little kid, yet still get completely repulsed by them.

Dog-days generally equate to hot, humid and sticky.  Throw in a business formal workplace, a subway commute and a multi-block walk to work and hot, humid and sticky become an unfortunate trifecta that can make or break your day (and your dry cleaning bill). Dressing for work this time of year is basically THE WORST regardless of your office dress code.  While my current employer, The Heart’s Delight, LLC is very casual (what can I say, my boss is pretty awesome!), I’ve worked in offices that cover the spectrum of dress codes.  Business formal, business casual, summer casual… you name it, and I’ve worn it.

Here are my top picks for an easy, breezy, “dog-days” wardrobe, regardless of where you work!  I promise, you’ll look fabulous without even breaking a sweat.

Business Formal


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 (Classic shape, classic colors, and on SALE)

Business Casual

1 (no longer available, but THIS or THIS is very similar) / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 (Yes, you read correctly. This dress is under $36!) / 6 / 7 / 8

Summer Casual


1 / 2 / 3 (Such a versatile dress for both work AND play) / 4 / 5 / 6

What are YOUR summer “dog-days” styling tips for staying cool?



P.S. Of course, once I typed in the post title, all I could think of was Hank Azaria’s character, Agador Spartacus, from the movie “The Birdcage” singing the Donna Summer classic! Hysterical.