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The One Top Every Woman Should Own

white collared shirt street style The Heart's Delight

As I go about styling my clients — young, old(er), corporate career, work-from-home, etc., I begin to see patterns in the style issues women have and the items that seem to pose the greatest challenges.

These consistent patterns span generations and budgets and after 4 years of doing this type of work, are practically expected. Out of the countless closets I’ve worked with, you might be wondering what the #1 missing item is… you ARE wondering that, right?

Wonder no more: it’s a basic white collared shirt.

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4 Ways To Wear Your Most Basic White Shirt

white shirt street style

Welcome to 2017, friends!!!

How was your holiday? I’m partially sad to see this fun time of year wrap up, but really excited to move on to all of the fresh and exciting things a new year has to offer.

Also, let’s be honest — I’m pretty excited to get the kids back to school, too.

I thought that a good way to kick off the new year would be revisiting one of the most classic and versatile pieces in any wardrobe — the basic white shirt — and taking it for a creative styling spin. The holidays are all about excess in so many ways (food, booze, gifts, etc.), but I want to show you that with some creativity and fashion know-how, you can breathe new life into the clothes you already own.

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An Outfit That Will Never Go Out Of Style

white shirt cuffed denim suede heels

No matter how much I love my styled looks (and I love them A LOT), after a while most start to feel stale and I crave a refresh.

After some deep thought (over the last of the summer rosé), I realized that there was really one style that I can’t seem to get enough of. It’s been recreated in many iterations, across many seasons and for many occasions. In my opinion, its truly earned its sartorial street cred as a “classic.”

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