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Friday Link Love, Vol 2.18

Friday Link LoveCruel and unusual.

That’s what this Cleveland winter is shaping up to be. After 2 weeks of brutal cold, we got to experience a brief flirtation with reasonable (above freezing) winter temperatures only to have our hearts (and heating bills) crushed with another snow storm/deep freeze on the way.  

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?


Gotta love life on the lake.

Whether you’re in the Midwest, East Coast or anywhere else in the world, I hope you have a fun weekend planned. TGIF, folks. Start it off with these Friday Link Love favorites!

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Home Decor

How To Pick The Best Window Treatments (Without Going Broke Or Crazy)!


Did you know that in some countries and cultures, a New Year is welcomed with new window coverings?!

Honestly, I’m not sure quite why… but it’s a fact. I swear, I didn’t make it up.

In my case, I’m also starting off 2018 with a reluctant focus on window coverings — I’ve got 14 of my own to contend with at the house! No matter how many homes I style (my own and clients’), window treatments are probably my least favorite part of the design process. I partially blame this hatred of blinds, shades and curtains on the price.

Ok, I fully blame this hatred on the crazy cost!

Window treatments are one of the most underestimated and overlooked decorating expenses. If you like to feel an enormous pit in the bottom of your stomach and possibly throw up a little in your mouth, just go price out custom window treatments for an entire house. Unfortunately, not only are window treatments a practical necessity (privacy, light control, heat efficiency) but a home can look sad and unfinished until the last piece of decor is beautifully hung in place.

No one wants a sad and unfinished home. So here’s how to fix that — without going broke.

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