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Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.12

Friday Link Love OK, it’s confirmed.

Winter is here.

Maybe not technically, but between the Christmas/Holiday frenzy, the assorted coughs, colds and flus going around and the layer of ice on my car this morning, it’s pretty much a done deal. I’ve been batting an annoying head cold since Sunday. Today is the first day I finally have my voice back. Try reprimanding your children when you can barely croak out an audible word! The kids practically laughed in my face, and I don’t blame them. Hopefully, the worst of the bug will pass by the end of the weekend and I can start my new week fresh and post-nasal dripless.

Hope you guys are all staying healthy! Here are a few of my favorite Friday Link Love reads and shopping finds to kick off this chilly first day of December:

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Gamine Stripes


There are two types of women in life:

Those who will brave the elements for the sake of fashion.

Those who say, “Hell, to the no — I’m not freezing/sweating my a** off to wear that outfit!”

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Iceland Travel Guide


Nothing like starting out a new week with a new travel adventure, right?

We’re off again —  this time hitting up destination #2 of my 2017 wanderlust list. (Have you checked out my TULUM TRAVEL GUIDE yet?) I hope you packed your warmest coat and hat, because this spot is just a ‘bit’ chilly this time of year. Prepare yourselves for minimal sunlight, waist deep snow, beautiful landscapes, delicious food and some of the most unique accommodations you’ll find on this planet.

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