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Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.23

Friday Link Love
Welcome to this final February edition of Friday Link Love!

As you’re reading this, I’m waking up in New Orleans for my little brother’s destination wedding. It’s been in the works for slightly over a year and it’s hard to believe the wedding weekend is finally here. It’s been close to 10 years (and 2 kids) since my last visit to NOLA so I’m excited to show the kids around and introduce them to Mommy’s favorite doughnuts — beignets! I think they might still be a bit too young for oysters — Mommy’s OTHER favorite food. I’ll be soaking up the sunshine (it’s 80 degrees!), fulfilling my bridesmaid/sister-of-the-groom duties and sharing my trip (and outfits!) with ya’ll over INSTAGRAM + FACEBOOK — so make sure to follow along!

bookshelf styling tips how to modern design friday link love

What I’m Reading:

10 DECORATING CONUNDRUMS SOLVED BY AN INTERIOR DESIGN PROFESSIONAL — I’ve got 99 problems, but interior design ain’t one.


•  No matter your political affiliation, you will definitely get a chuckle at these TONGUE + CHEEK HEADLINES FROM THE LIFESTYLE BLOG OF AN INCREASINGLY ANXIOUS IVANKA TRUMP.

•  If you’ve ever considered adding bangs to your hair ‘do, I highly recommend you read this CAUTIONARY TALE before committing to the chop.

asparagus and lemon risotto shrimp recipe friday link love

What I’m Making:

•  CHICKEN/VEGGIE FRIED CAULIFLOWER RICE is one of my favorite quick and easy weeknight dinners — and a great way to use your leftovers!

•  I’ll be prepping these MIXED BERRY BAKED OATMEAL BARS on Sunday night for weekday breakfasts.

monochromatic living room interior design modern decor friday link love

What I’m Buying:

•  You’ll be SHOCKED when you learn who makes this SOPHISTICATED WATCH. You’ll be even more surprised when you see the price tag.

•  It’s never too late to invest in a DOWN JACKET that you’re actually excited to wear.

•  This wool-blend MULTICOLOR SWEATER will instantly brighten your day! Wear it with my most favorite (and comfortable) SKINNY JEANS of all time.

•  I’m always on the hunt for stylish TWIST FRONT CARDIGANS — they’re awesome for effortless layering through all 4 seasons!

•  Fun sandals like THESE actually have me excited to show my toes again! I’d throw them on with a simple CHAMBRAY ROMPER for a pool day look.

Have a great weekend, folks!

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Deal of The Day: Off-The-Shoulder Blazer


I hope you have your online shopping trigger fingers ready, because this is a deal you CANNOT pass up.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a BLACK JUMPSUIT — it’s still available in a size 2 or size 8! What I loved the best about it was its off-the-shoulder suiting feature. It was structural and flattering with seams that create a slimmed-down torso and an illusion of a smaller waist. All really good things, right? So when I saw today’s deal of the day, I knew I needed to share with you immediately!!!

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Henley Top

henley top outfit ideas 1

Welcome to another edition of “What To Wear When You’re Sick Of All Of Your Winter Clothes!

I’m sure you’re pretty familiar with this series. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably going through an episode right about now. After wearing all of your winter garb for 3 months straight, anyone else totally OVER it!?

Join the club.

As self-appointed President and leader of this prestigious organization (I think it should be called the ‘I F$%^ Hate All My Clothes Club’), I’ve got a simple solution for you… and it involves one very soft, comfortable and generally inexpensive thing.

What is it?! Glad you asked

It’s a henley top.

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Going Out Tops For Valentine’s Day

valentine's day going out top header

Good morning!

First off, who stayed up last night to watch the Super Bowl game!? What a great matchup and fun game to watch!! While the Patriots have certainly dominated football the past few years, it was nice to see an underdog have their moment to shine!

Fly Eagles, fly.

Next, let’s talk Valentine’s Day. I know we touched on the holiday topic a few days ago with this handy GIFT GUIDE, but I wanted to chat about something that works for Valentine’s Day and actually, pretty much any night out of the year: the going out top!

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.20

Friday Link LoveWas it just me, or did January feel as though it was never-ending?

It’s hard to believe all of those New Year’s Eve celebrations were only a month ago! It’s pretty crazy when you sit down and think about it. In my own life, so much has changed since that ball dropped. In a good way, of course! I’m finally starting to feel settled into the new house and we’re getting our new routines in place. I’ve been sharing little snippets of our rooms and decor on INSTAGRAM, but as you know, photos are pretty deceiving as there is still a ton of work to do to get the house decorated and us feeling fully “moved in.”

There are still many (SO many) cardboard boxes to break down… ugh… those boxes!

In addition to garbage management, I’ve got a few more fun things on my weekend agenda beginning with this week’s Friday Link Love reads. Hope you enjoy!

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Cropped Pants + Ankle Boots

ankle boots cropped pants outfit ideas winter street style header

Now that the piles of snow have melted (and left a dirty mess behind), we can all breathe a sigh of relief and finally retire those utalitarian snow boots.

At least until the next snow descends… which might be as soon as later today in Cleveland.

One of the most commonly asked questions I get is about winter footwear. Specifically, “What’s a style of shoe that’s both attractive, yet still practical for those cold days?” Obviously, we’re all familiar with the ankle boot at this point. It’s pretty much a staple. What I think we’re not as comfortable with is actually wearing the ankle boot with anything beyond our favorite skinny jeans or flirty dresses.

Am I right, or am I right? Continue Reading


14 New Pieces For Your Closet That Will Get You Out Of Your Winter Funk

nyc winter 2018 outfit ideas

Doesn’t it feel as though Winter has been here FOREVER?

Yet, we’ve only just begun.

This may explain my uncontrollable anger when I cruise into the stores and all I see is Spring ’18 + Resort fashion starting to roll in.

Way to rub salt in the cold, frozen wound, designers.

Thanks, a lot.

In the effort to keep you toasty and get you through the next few months in style, I’ve rounded up 14 of my favorite weather appropriate pieces. These are the chic closet additions that will give you the oomph you need to get you over that dreaded winter funk and cruising right into the spring!

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.17

Friday Link LoveGood Morning, this frigid first Friday of January! 

To my Easy Coast friends, I hope you’re staying safe and warm — that “Bomb Cyclone” is straight up ridiculous and scary. To my Cleveland friends — hang in there. Relief in the form of a double digit temperature day is only 48 more hours away. To everyone else — isn’t Winter absolutely glorious!? 

Yeah, not really. I’m totally over it and it’s only mid-January.

So here are my Friday Link Love gems of the week — collected while huddled in multiple layers of sweaters and under assorted blankets. This morning, grab yourself a hot steaming cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa (pick your poison), and let’s get reading!

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3 Fresh Ways To Wear Plaid After The Holidays


The holiday season practically goes hand in hand with all things plaid, check or tartan.

It’s quite festive, no?!

However, once the egg nog is poured (does anyone really drink that stuff?!), all of the gifts are opened and the ball is dropped you’re left to clean up the mess of the holidays and that often includes retiring some of your favorite plaid pieces until the following year. Fortunately, there is plaid street style inspiration abound — and unlike your Singing Santa figurine collection, this is a holiday style that can stay with us quite a while longer!

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