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Best of 2017: 10 Most Worn Winter 2017 Style Staples

winter 2017 style staples

I know, I know… technically Winter 2017 just started a few weeks ago.

However, us lucky folks in Cleveland have gotten to experience Winter 2017’s frozen “kiss” for over a month now. It’s been generally cold, wet and grey since Thanksgiving with spring still a long ways away. Rather than dwell on the negative, I’m going to try to focus on the positive that is winter style. More specifically, Winter 2017 style staples that will fashionably carry us through the season.

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A Pittsburgh, PA Travel Guide (For Eating & Drinking)

pittsburgh travel guide header

Are you guys sleepy?

The Monday after SuperBowl is always a rough one — especially when you stay up to watch a nail-biter of a comeback game that goes into overtime! Tom Brady deserves every last blinged out bit of that ring #5. I personally think he should wear it on his thumb.

Game day aside, this weekend was quite the eventful one as Mr. THD and I were able to sneak away for 36-hours and check one of our travel to-dos off the list — Pittsburgh, PA. I’m not quite sure how many people out there have Pittsburgh on their bucket list, but perhaps this little guide can change that.

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Cropped Flares

cropped flares 2 The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno January 2016

Hello, 2016… So very nice to meet you!

Let’s be friends, OK?!

Friends let friends just be themselves — even when testing the turbulent fashion trend waters.

I’m not one for resolutions, but this year I’m hoping to make a bigger effort to wear the things that make me happy even if they’re a bit sartorially risqué for my region and/or lifestyle. I was all on board with flare pants/jeans last year when the 70’s inspired style made it’s big comeback. Some of you loved them, others, well… not so much.

More recently, I’ve been seeing a cropped flare style slowly creep into runway presentations and fashion editorials and I’m not gonna lie — I sort of love them. Crops have been traditionally associated with warmer weather wardrobes, but I adore the way the most recent iteration of these pants has been styled with winter appropriate layers and boots. Sometimes, it’s nice to see a fresh silhouette on the scene after so many years of skinny dominated pants.

cropped flares The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno January 2016

Get The Look:
Sweater — Leith
Top — H & M
Pants — Express
Boots — Seychelles
Bag — Chloe

With trendier pieces like these cropped flares, a great way to tone down the style is by keeping the rest of the outfit relatively classic in a neutral or monochrome palette. Just like blogger VICTORIA TORNEGREN‘s look, all black is never a bad idea!

The oversized proportions on her sweater also balance out the flare of the pant and keep the look modern and minimalist vs. what could easily become a costumey retro vibe. Not exactly what we’re going for here…

Shop The Trend:



Party Coat


Getting dressed up this time of year can be challenging– even for the most stylish.

Once you actually get motivated to leave your house when it’s pitch black outside at 5pm, you just might have to get out of your softest, elastic-waisted (#obviously) loungewear and dress up. Oh, and the makeup… why is it that I can always get one eye perfectly shadowed and lined, while the other looks like my 4-year-old did it for me?!

The struggle is real.

Given these “challenges” I try to make getting party ready as easy and stress free as possible. One of the best solutions to the I-hate-everything-in-my-closet-and-I-have-no-desire-to-leave-my-couch dilemma is to have a secret party-style weapon ready and waiting in the wings: a coat.

No, not that black puffer coat you wore to the grocery store… this coat I’m talking about is truly special. It can take a hum-drum jeans and a sweater outfit and make it festive, visually interesting, flattering and chic! From fuzzy, to gilded, to patterned and bold, there is a party coat that fits every personality, body and style.

It is of my professional opinion that every woman should own a party coat — do YOU?!

If not, keep reading/scrolling for my favorite party-ready outerwear inspiration– the perfect piece to dress up an otherwise laid back look!







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5 New Ways To Wear Your Old Plaid

plaid shirt 5 new ways header

Holy, December!

I’m having a hard time keeping up with the speed at which my calendar seems to be moving. I sneezed  in September and now it’s December. Yowza.

So how is your winter style going? Anyone else doing a modified CAPSULE WARDROBE like me? Part of the challenge of living with less is finding ways to wear things (and love them) more… like your old plaid shirt for instance.

I’ve always been an advocate for WEARING PLAID and if you haven’t ventured into this checked and tartan world, welcome!

Here are 5 fresh new ways to take that old plaid in your closet and make it new all over again!

With a Leather Skirt

5 new ways to wear plaid

Leather and plaid are not generally a combination you consider when getting dressed, but the mix of the casual plaid with a more sleek and modern leather just work.


Pattern Mixing


Plaid is the ideal pattern for mixing and matching. To keep the look from going too wild here are a few style tips:
•  Stick to one busier pattern (tartan) matched up with one more basic one (stripe)
•  Focus on scale — a large scale pattern always compliments a smaller scale pattern
•  Keep the tones within the same color family
•  Accessorize with neutrals to ground the look


Tucked Into Jeans

Plaid Shirt Skinny Jeans Red Single Sole Pumps Street-Style-August-2014

Sounds totally basic and kind of “duh,” but when it comes to wearing plaid shirts, most people opt for the more casual styling with the shirt untucked over the jeans or pants. Try tucking a more fitted plaid into a pair of sleek skinny jeans. Throw on a pair of high heel pumps and you have yourself an unexpectedly dressy look!


With Winter White


One of the easiest ways to transition your summer whites into cold weather staples is with a plaid shirt or accessory. Since the plaid is generally reminiscent of the holiday season, it immediately changes the overall tone of the look and makes it more seasonally appropriate. Also, vibrant plaids when paired with white visually pop and become the centerpiece of the outfit.


Topped With A Sweatshirt


Most of us have used our plaid as a base layer upon which we build the rest of the outfit. Throwing a sweater or cardigan over a plaid shirt is pretty much common place, but substitute a cool fitted sweatshirt for your sweater, try a plaid pencil skirt and a whole new look is born.

Again, what makes this look noteworthy is the contrast of textures, patterns and styles. A pencil skirt — especially in a traditional plaid, is perhaps on of the more traditional items of clothing a woman can own. However, the sweatshirt injects some youth and fun into the conservative skirt taking this look from work to play.




4 Hats That Won’t Ruin Your Winter Style

4 hats that won't ruin your winter style

Good morning!

We’re just going to dive right in this Monday, coffee in hand (obviously) and talk hat style. Some of you may associate wearing hats with those days you’re lacking a bit of style — just throw a hat on it, right?

Actually, wrong.

We don’t give hats the proper attention and respect they’re due. The right hat can make a winter outfit stand out amongst a sea of drab, heavy coats and boots. How to wear a winter hat may seem like a simple enough question and for the most part it is. Just stick it on your head and you’re good to go?

Not quite.

However, there are plenty of different winter hat styles and when it comes to wearing hats this season, there’s more than meets the eye. Just take a look at a few foolproof ways to wear these 4 hats that won’t ruin your winter style.



The beanie is probably the most common of winter hat styles, yet some women tend to shy away from them for fear of looking like a peanut head.

The easiest way to prevent the dreaded “peanut” is to pull your hair forward and make sure some pieces are framing your face. If you have bangs, beanies look great with a side-swept or full fringe of bangs exposed.

The hat should be worn at a slightly downward angle towards the back of your head with your ears partially covered. Remember, keeping warm IS the purpose of wearing this hat in the first place!




Most people are familiar and comfortable with the Panama or Fedora hat style for the spring/summer. However, the heavier wool felt versions of these hats are equally as stylish as their warm weather cousins.

Keep in mind that this is a more “masculine” inspired style. What does that mean for you? Well, that means that if your wardrobe is a minimalist, menswear-leaning collection (chunky sweaters, streamlined loafers, trousers, etc.), this hat will work well for you!

For those of you that are total feminine, girly-girl types — the contrast between the masculine Panama/fedora and an outfit with feminine flair (red lips, floral prints, loose wavy hair, heels, etc.) is a stylist’s dream.




Nothing balances out a layered, fall look like a newsboy hat. It’s not too big, not too tight and in my opinion leaves your hair in the best condition (i.e. not matted down to your head!) once you take it off.

I also believe that this is the singular hat style that looks the best with your hair pulled back off your face, either tied up in a bun, ponytail or braid. So bad winter hair days? Be gone!




How could we discuss winter hats without addressing one of the most classically chic hat styles that has been a cold weather style staple for decades? Although some may find the beret intimidating, it’s much easier to treat it as a slouchier, floppy beanie when putting your look together.

First off, similar to the knit beanie, frame your face again with your hair. DO NOT pull your hair up into the beret.

When positioning the beret, wear it a few inches back from your forehead and not on the top of your head — unless the 18th century French painter look is what you are going for. Leave the hat loose and slouchy, possibly angled to one side.


It’s important with any of these styles to take a few minutes in front of a mirror to play around with your hat. Everyone’s head and face shape is different and you want to work with the angles to figure out which positioning works best for you.

Also, if you’re going to be taking photos for your annual holiday cards this season — hats make outdoor snapshots look natural and less formal. The added accessory also gives the photo a bit more visual interest and texture that can make an image pop!

What’s YOUR favorite way to wear a hat?



Cozy Night In

one // two (This mug makes me chuckle and comes in a cute TEA version too!) // three // four (A deep plum shade with none of the harmful chemicals of traditional polishes!) // five // six // seven (This might just be the coolest, slouchiest sweater out there…) // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve (The BEST scooper on the market — just don’t put yours in the dishwasher… RIP dear scooper.) // thirteen

Well, hello November… a few days late.

With the change in Daylight Savings and the sunsets that are creeping up earlier and earlier it takes a whole lot of motivation to get me out of the house and get social after dark. After the kids are in bed, give me my elastic waist pajama pants, a scoop of MITCHELL’s ICE CREAM (have you tried the new coconut caramel rum cake flavor yet!? DELISH.) and the remote control and I’m in a happy place. It’s also been the ideal time to throw in some beauty pampering — I’ve been testing BORGHESE’s re-released FANGO MUD MASK, but more on that to come!

Perhaps it can be considered typical seasonal nesting? Whatever it is, for my next cozy night in comfort and pampering are key.



7 Cool Ways to Wear a Cape


7 cool ways to wear a cape header

The cape or poncho is kind of a divisive fashion topic.

Either you love them or you hate them.

You may especially hate them after the trend surged in the mid 2000’s then died down just as quickly leaving you with a closet full of cape/ponchos never to see the light of day again. In case you may be worried about getting burned again, I’ve put together a visual guide to inspire you to wear that cool cape/poncho without concern that you’ve missed the fashion trend bus.

1. Give Your Preppy Shirtdress a Bohemian Spin


2. Wear It Over Slim Black Pants For A Universally Flattering Silhouette


3. Belt It To Define Your Waist


4. Try A Minimalist Color Blocked Outfit


5. Embrace The Fringe


6. Style It As A Warm Fit + Flare Dress On The Coldest Days


7. Break Up All Black


So, now that you’ve seen all of these cool ways to wear a cape, are you feeling especially inspired? Get the look this fall/winter and shop some of my favorite picks below!






Guess what?

It’s snowing.


Seriously!? Already? Today is not even the worst of it… After last week’s unexpected dump of 5+ inches, there is another 5-8 inches forecasted for tomorrow, too. Here we go again. When it’s gross and cold and a total slushy, wet mess outside I know the last thing we’re probably thinking about is style and fashion, but this is when we’ve really got to put all of our skills to the test. Style does NOT have to come at the expense of comfort. Especially, when you have a secret weapon like the over-the-knee boot in the wings.

Remember the movie “Pretty Woman?” That black patent/pleather mega-high heel boot that Julia Roberts was rockin’ with her mini lycra dress on the streets of Hollywood Blvd. is NOT the boot I’m talking about. Go ahead, erase your memory of that. This over-the-knee boot is much more ladylike and less “Lady of the Night.” This over-the-knee-boot is simple, classic and clean. This over-the-knee boot works just as well with casual skinny jeans as it does with a simple sheath. This over-the-knee boot keeps you warm and when properly treated (waterproofing spray is THE BEST!), can elevate your style exponentially even in the worst of winter storms.


LOOK #1: Theory SWEATER // Frame JEANS // Mackage COAT // Phillip Lim BAG // Stuart Weitzman BOOTS // The North Face HAT // Carolina Amato GLOVES



LOOK #2: Helmut Lang DRESS // Stuart Weitzman BOOTS // Rag & Bone COAT // Givenchy BAG // Rag & Bone HAT // Portolano GLOVES


Stay safe. Stay warm. Stay stylish.

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Silent Night


As much as the holiday season evokes feelings of anxiety, stress and general chaos, when you take a step back, it’s important to admire the beauty of it all.  The twinkling lights, the celebratory atmosphere, the kindness of strangers, and the warmth of friends and family.  It’s amazing with so much going on, there are such beautiful images of calm that can be captured if you just take the time and initiative to look hard enough.

I took a recent outing with a gal pal (and photographer extraordinaire!) and while originally stumped about how we were going to pull off a “festive party look” in about 6 inches of snow, I’m so excited to share these photos with you to show how far a little sparkle, a bright smile and a glass of wine will get you!  The soft lighting obviously helps too.


DKNY anorak w/ sherpa trim / J.Crew cashmere beanie (no longer available, SIMILAR / Love Quotes scarf / Target denim shirt / J.Crew wool 3/4 sleeve shift dress (no longer available, SIMILAR) / Target x Missoni weave tights (no longer available, SIMILAR) / Ugg ‘Baroness’ boots (color no longer available, SIMILAR) / Chloe wedge lace up boots (no longer available, but SIMILAR, or THESE – on SALE w/ extra 30% off!) / J.Crew Factory crystal stud earrings / T.J.Maxx crystal statement necklace (SIMILAR – coincidentally called the ‘Stella’) / 3.1 Phillip Lim ‘Pashli’ mini-satchel