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An Off-The-Shoulder Style You Should Wear NOW


I come to you this Thursday with very good news in hand.

If you’re anything like me and have been longing for the day Spring weather finally arrives to bust out all of your new off-the-shoulder and more skin-exposing clothes, wait no more. There exists an off-the-shoulder style top that is perfectly appropriate for this late winter freeze.

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Iconic Wrap Sweater


My Monday morning disclosure: As I am sipping my coffee, I am simultaneously kicking myself for not buying multiples of my favorite sweater. I am also kicking myself for not sharing the aforementioned favorite sweater with you months ago when it was still available for online purchase.

I am generally not one to purchase multiples of a specific item (aside from these too good to be true, MOSSIMO CREW NECK JERSEY T-SHIRTS which are back in stock!), but occasionally I come across a piece of clothing that is just remarkably awesome. The ICONIC WRAP LULULEMON SWEATER is one of those awesome finds. Unfortunately, it’s completely sold out in all 3 colors on the website, although you may still be able to find it in a local LULULEMON store in your area.

Rumor has it, the sweater gets brought back season-to-season in new colors. Fingers crossed!

What do I love about it?

It’s the perfect weight — not too heavy, not too thin.

It’s completely reversible — you can wear it two different ways, for two different looks.

It’s the ideal color — a dark, neutral charcoal.

It’s wash and wear — into the washing machine it goes.

I bought it on a whim last May and have been wearing it on repeat ever since. Whether to spin class on chilly mornings, on road trips to my college reunion, to a dinner out at night, etc. — this sweater has been put to work!

Rather than dwelling on what could have been, I’ve instead made an effort to find a comparable sweater match that needs to be added to my closet immediately. Yes, needs.

You might want to add one to your closet, too — just sayin’.

The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno